Thursday, September 18, 2014

If you had an hour to yourself, how would you spend it...

I saw this prompt somewhere and it is actually hard.  If I were completely honest, I would probably spend it cleaning.  Isn't that the most boring thing you've ever heard?  EVER.  But if by chance my house was just cleaned by our cleaning ladies, then I would probably go to yoga.  Which is not boring but something I do almost every single day, so perhaps still not a very exciting answer.

So lets pretend I have a clean house and have already gone to yoga.  And I find myself ALONE.  In my house.  With no one.  OMG the possibilities are endless.  I would maybe walk to Starbucks and purchase a soy misto and walk quietly home sipping my coffee without 100 questions about bugs, plants, could a plane land on us, why do bees sting, etc. (I love these questions so much, but silence would be an interesting change).  Then I could sit outside on my back porch, continuing to drink my coffee while flipping through US Weekly or Real Simple or the other 800 magazines I have stock piled.  Maybe I would talk on the phone and REALLY listen to the other side  because little people are not requesting something from me.  Maybe I would take a bath because that sounds indulgent and light candles and play my ipod and have lots of bubbles.  I could write a letter to a friend so they get some snail mail for no reason except fun!  I could get a pedicure.  Ooh a pedicure.

Well, it sounds like I would have no problem filling a single hour.  What about you?  If you had an hour to yourself, how would you spend it? 


  1. My list is pretty similar. I'd have a hard time choosing between yoga, massage, manicure, maybe catching up on Orange is the new Black, and I'd definitely have to agree with cleaning!

  2. Id like to think I would write the first page to the Great American Novel, or knock out the organizing of the pit of despair we call our garage.

    But let's be honest here. I would probably play Candy Crush on my phone while watching the next episode of Gossip Girl while eating the peanut butter M&Ms I hid from the kids in the back of the pantry and just now found....a year later.


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