Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

What I'm laughing about: 
This is hilarious and worth three minutes of your life

What I'm listening to: 

What I'm Reading: 

A co-worker said they read this for book club and it sparked great discussion.  Now it is on my Kindle!

What I'm Buying: 

Just bought this cape for Paul for Christmas, obviously with a P on it.  He's been playing superhero lately so I think it will be perfect!

What is on my wishlist: 

These cute stripes would be a perfect transition into fall! 

Happy Weekend y'all!  I'll be back next week to discuss taking a 4 year old to the dentist to fill a cavity and when your almost 2 year old throws up all over you in King Soopers!  Spoiler alert- I drank a beer at 11:45 AM to deal with the above!   

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