Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap- Some Fun and some Throwing Up!

Well it is Monday again!  How does that keep happening?  We had some good times this weekend and some throwing up in my car.  Not by me, which is good I guess.

Friday after work Ryan and I escaped for a date night.  We went to the Botanic Gardens to see the Chihuly exhibit.  It was cool, different, and looked amazing when it turned dark!

Then we went out to dinner based on a recommendation from our co-worker.  Joe has the best recommendations.  He first gave us a tip when we were in Sonoma/Napa and I still think about that meal.  Friday night was amazing as well and we drank wine (well some people drank whiskey) and laughed and laughed and laughed.

The next day Paul threw up.  In my car.  All over my yoga mat. And himself.  The fun was over. Charlie gave him the sickness (I'll tell you where Charlie threw up tomorrow) and of course I felt bad for him because he was STARVING but anytime he had a morsel of food he had to throw it up. Saturday looked mostly like this:

But actually it helped us hunker down and we both graded some papers and read books and cuddled both boys on the couch.  Charlie was sweet to him and gave him knuckles, high fives and hugs.  So this week we had two kids throw up.  PLEASE universe do not let Ryan or I got this bug.  Please.  Do you think that plea will work?

Sunday I got up and went to yoga.  The yoga studio is doing a "make your own challenge."  Did you know there are only 10 weeks until Thanksgiving.  Seems pretty crazy for me.  Anyway, the idea is to write an intention for the next 10 weeks, hang it on the wall to be accountable but to also encourage others with their goals.

Some people want to commit to going to yoga a certain amount of times or try new teachers or eat more smoothies.  Mine is to remove refined sugar from my diet.  I only watched the trailer for the documentary Fed Up and it scared me.  I don't think it would hurt to be more aware of what goes in your body, what all those "weird" ingredients are and since the movie clip compares sugar to cocaine, I think I should probably take a break.  But I am still drinking wine.  Because hello. You only live once!  And really the only reason I am writing this on here is so I'll feel bad sneaking chocolate chip cookies.  Or dark chocolate.  Wine and celery go together, yes?

Later in the day the neighbor boys asked Paul to come over to play which was SO SWEET but Charlie cried because he was not invited!  I love neighbor friends!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love love that you have left us in suspense about WHERE CHARLIE VOMMED. But poor Paul, that pic is just super tragic. Also tragic that you now have to burn your yoga mat. :(


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