Monday, October 20, 2014

A Lazy Weekend with some Beer!

Good morning little sunshines! I feel like I've had a busy morning already because instead of prepping for the week last night, I went to the Bronco game.  YOLO.  Anyway, we had a nice weekend that was mostly lazy and I think it is just what we needed!

Friday I met my friend from college at the indoor trampoline park.  Charlie was overwhelmed as was I, but it did make them tired which we all know if my number one goal.

Friday night we had pizza and a few beers with our friends as the boys ran around.  We tried to harness them in with a movie night and were about 50% successful.  But everyone had fun and that is what matters!  Saturday morning I woke up for yoga and then rushed to get my hair colored.  I came home and we all took a trip to the library and made it home for lunch and naps!  When Paul woke up he asked to lay with me.  By "with me" he meant directly on top of me but who can complain?

We had lots of plans for Saturday night, but we instead did nothing.  We ate leftover pizza and the kids played around us!  We finally finished Season 3 of Scandal (OMG) and I read my book for a bit. It felt amazing to do NOTHING!! 

Sunday morning was an early wake-up call thanks to Charlie.  I finished up some laundry and then took Paul to his girlfriend Sophia's house.  While he was there I went to yoga and then the grocery store.  When I returned, Charlie helped me unload the groceries.  I turned around for one second and someone figured out how to open a new box of sandwich bags and threw them all over the floor.  Then he gave me this face.  

Sunday night I went to the Bronco game with my girlfriends.  I (as always) was on my best behavior and now am exhausted for my Monday at work but it was all worth it!!

How was your Weekend??

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