Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Goals

I was teaching yoga last night and for the first time in awhile it was DARK when class ended at 6:45. Fall is here.  Oh and it was so freezing last night  I even wore my UGGS.  You know we are seriously when the UGGS are broken out.

Here are my little goals for the month of October: 

1. Read 2 books
- now this should be no problem but lately I have been reading TWO pages and falling asleep.  The struggle is real.  Perhaps less TV and more book time?

2. Carve pumpkins
- I think we meant to do this last year but never got around to it.  Paul is excited about any holiday so he will think this is special! 

3. Deal with the light situation in the dining room
- Who is tired of hearing about the light situation in my dining room?  Me!!!  But I need to deal with this in OCTOBER! 

4. Figure out Halloween costumes
- I am pretty sure Charlie is going to be whatever Paul was when he was Charlie's age (sorry 2nd child) but Paul's request changes every 10 seconds.  

5. Finish Season 3 of Scandal
- Doesn't really go with #1, but I am sure everyone is also sick of me discuss this obsession so it will be good to be caught up! 

6. Bake something
- Nothing says fall like a chocolate something baking in your oven!  YUM

Anything you are dying to do in October?

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  1. Girl, you have been a blogging machine and I can't keep up! I also need to decide what my boys will be for Halloween. And now that new shows are back it's kinda hard not to watch so much TV. Also, BUY THE PRETTY CHANDELIER. And then post pics. Do it! :)


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