Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Recap

Part of my October goals was to get the Halloween costume situation figured out.  I knew Charlie could be the dragon that Paul was at his age, and the fact that he loves to "ROAR" at everyone was a bonus.  I asked Paul several times what he wanted to be and he always came back to Buzz Light year from the previous year.  The costume was too small, but no one cared!  

For the past few years we have had our friends over for Halloween.  We've been through 3 different pregnancies and added a lot of kids to the mix, but it is always fun!  The main goal is for the kids to get a lot of candy and for the moms to drink a lot of wine.  Done and done.  The dads drink a lot of beer too (don't want to leave them out).  But when they came back from trick-or-treating they said many houses offered them a refill on their drinks.  Now that is neighborly.  

Everyone came early for some chili and pictures.  

This is really the best we could get.  Paul is Buzz LightYear (second year in a row) and no, the gun is not part of the costume.  In fact, he looks terrifying with that weapon.  It is actually part of the police officer's costume but you can imagine that it was VERY popular throughout the night.  

A little better (at least at the gun standpoint) but can only see those sweet mouse ears! 

These dudes.  All in their designated stance.  

These sweeties probably won best dressed and obviously won the most easy to photograph.  

I don't love dressing up personally, but I love answering the door and seeing all the kid's outfits!  A great night! 

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