Monday, November 3, 2014

November Goals

Well writing these goals out really helped!  I did EVERYTHING on my October List!!   I read more than 2 books (Hallelujah!) We carved pumpkins.  And by "we" I mean Ryan and I!!  I BOUGHT the light for the dining room!  We figured out Halloween Costumes, we finished Scandal season 3 and we even baked something.  How about that for efficiency!!

So what is up for November?

1. Read 3 books. 
- Yep, taking it up a notch and feeling confident about it.  Holla.

2. Get the new light in the dining room installed. 
It should arrive any day and I don't want it sitting in the box until Winter Break.  That could happen my friends.

3. Have someone/ a family over for dinner. 
I hosted Halloween and I forgot how much I love to have people over! 

4. Catch myself up with Scandal. 
I am sure you wouldn't be satisfied if my TV show didn't sneak in here :) 

5. Finish my Christmas shopping.  
Yep, you heard me.  I want to BE DONE by November 30th.  We shall see.  

Any goals for yourself in the month of November?

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  1. I love your goal and list writing (and accomplishments!) I can't wait to see the new dining room light.


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