Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Wishlist Birthday/Christmas Edition

In less than a month I turn 34.  Gasp.  And then it is Christmas.  Gasp Again.  So I think it is time to develop the much anticipated LIST.  Here is what is on my wish list:

I've talked about them with too many people.  It's time to bite the bullet.  Gray Converse.  Size 8

Maureen inspired me with big girl pajamas.  Instead of old yoga pants and a random tee-shirt from 2003 maybe these?  Size Medium and obviously I will wear them just like this gal.  

And these cute pink slippers would be a great addition to the pjs outfit :) 

I like this neutral table runner.  I could just keep it on the dining room all year long! 

I read some reviews of the UP 24 Jawbone and I really want to try it!  Can track your steps and SLEEPING and workouts and calories burned and all that fun stuff! 

Pretty sure it is time for a new yoga mat.  I stand firmly my Lululemon's THE MAT and I love the blue color! 

Ryan will laugh hysterically because he randomly will fold my laundry and is in shock about how many yoga pants I own.  But I love them.  And these are really cute! 

And while we on the subject of yoga, this is super cute! 

I think I need a "R" bracelet to add to my P and C!  All the boys on my wrist #adorable 

I also told my mom I would like a cordless upright Dustbuster thing.  For my floors.  Like after dinner I could do a quick vacuum of dog hair and food?  But it is such a pain to unwrap the cord and plug it in.  The struggle is real my friends.  Anyway, does this exist?

My dad always likes to get me a book.  I can't wait to read this one! 

Plaid and a scarf?  Yes please. 

To celebrate the season I also love gift cards to Nordstroms, Lululemon, manicure/pedicures and wine.  LOTS OF WINE.  Or cash. (ha ha)

What is on your list?  Is it too soon to talk about it??


  1. I love it that you know what you want... makes it easier on your loved one s:)!

  2. I totally just added the jawbone to my amazon wish list....that I keep updated all year and when someone asks what I want for chirstmas/birthday, I send them the link :) I do the same for my kids and hubs too. Last year it was awesome! Only big gifts for the kids that were parent-approved (no HUGE train tracks that we don't have room for) and they had requested, and my family still bought little random toys they thought they would like.

  3. Oh - and happy early birthday! :)


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