Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brain Dump

1. We joined lifetime gym and I really like it.  But I think I am going to have to start going at the crack of dawn before school because there are lot of douche bags who love to look at themselves in the mirror and flex.  It's weird.  But the childcare is great even though Charlie cries.  Paul tells me he is fine quickly, so hopefully that is the case.

2. I think the UPS guy will come to our house every day in December

3. My baby is almost TWO years old and that is really sad.  Not sad enough to have another baby, but sad.

4. Speaking of babies, my BFF in Vail had a BIG baby boy the day before my birthday and I went to see him last weekend.  He is really cute.  I want to show you a picture, but since she hasn't even put a thing on Facebook he probably isn't allowed on the blog.

5. You guys- I got an upright vacuum dust buster thing that is CORDLESS for my birthday (from my mom, not Ryan in case you were worried) and it is amazing.  First, Paul loves to work it so that is nice and second, I can just run it over the floors really fast after meals or a marathon round of play-dough and all the mess is gone.  #imold

6. My friend did some remodeling in her house and put this tile in her bathroom that looks like hardwood.  It is incredible.  I want it in my entire downstairs and the upstairs bathroom.  Can someone please send me 5,000?  Thank you in advance.

7. Paul slept in his own bed Sunday night.  So I told him he could get a new car.  Then Ryan put him to bed last night and apparently told him if he did it again he could get another new car.  So he did.  Basically we are paying 3 dollars a night for Paul to sleep in his own bed.  We.  Are.  Suckers.

8. We are so busy this weekend, that I haven't even told Ryan everything that is at on our agenda.  He does better when he slowly learns about how popular and awesome we are.

What's on your Brain?


  1. We have a stack of Ones on our side table for this exact reason! If the kids stay in their bed all night, they get a dollar. Madalan has actually woken up next to me in bed and said first thing. "I don't want my dollar. I would rather sleep here with you." lol

  2. More you say??? There are only 24 hours in a day and we do have to sleep. And the Broncos are on... #youkillme


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