Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap!

My family has been going to Estes Park since I was in elementary school.  We usually go over Labor Day, but that has been more complicated in the past few years because of school starting and being busy and all of that.  So we went for Thanksgiving.  We did nothing except lay around, watch football, drink, eat A LOT, and read books!   

On our way up, we saw the largest herd of elk.  Paul was fascinated! 

We did a lot of lounging and relaxing! 

Ryan was in charge of the turkey and took his job VERY seriously.  

This is what happens when I tell the boys they have to change their clothes.  They are not a good influence on one another! :) 

I finally wrestled them into their collard shirts.  At first some people were happy and cute! 

And then they were REAL pissed. 

After Thanksgiving, Estes Park does a little parade with Santa.  To say Paul was excited to see Santa is a HUGE understatement.  So fun! 

Charlie was trying to flirt with the little girls sitting next to us!  He was doing a great job showing off his smile! 

All in all, a very low key, relaxing Thanksgiving which I think everyone needed and appreciated.  We came home and the kids were EXHAUSTED as was the dog! 
So thankful for this guy! 

Hope you had a great holiday too! 

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  1. Your boys are just so handsome! Love their little smiling (and frowning) faces!


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