Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Decorations

Well I took a little blogging break to get ready and celebrate Christmas and now I am ready to recap! It still feels like the holiday season as it is snowing outside and the kids are playing with all their new gifts!  I thought I would start with our Christmas decorations.  Which I took down Christmas night.  I am such a scrooge.  But my house looked like a disaster with 800 million presents and something had to be done!  I need to work on my own feelings of panic when the house is disorganized. 

Anyway, here were our Christmas decorations this year: 
1) My friend made me these clips to hang all our Christmas cards.  I love Christmas cards.  Last year I couldn't get my act together to send one, but I love receiving them and then displaying them around the house.  I love by the end of the season these ribbons are filled up with all our friends and family!  

2) I set the dining room table with all our Christmas Spode because I don't think they get enough attention, so should be used as part of the design scheme! It looked fun and festive! 

3) I love these letters that spell Believe.  Although little hands will rearrange them from time to time.  The red sign has some glitter and spunk! 

4) Found this cute sign in the Christmas box that must be from my mom!  

5) The tree- with lots of different ornaments- many on the lower half of the tree and with the appropriate Bronco helmet on top.  

6) The stockings!  My mother in-law made each of us a stocking and they are big and ready to be filled with lots of goodies! 

7) On one side of the mantle we have silver trees with a cute frame of the boys in their Christmas pajamas from last year!

8) On the other side are some fabric Christmas trees and my mom gave me this fragrance thing that smells like a real Christmas tree!! 

9) My favorite sign with a basket of Christmas ornaments for decorations! 

10) A sweet advent calendar that last year I really worked my magic and had a little note of something or a chocolate, etc.  This year... not so much!  But you can't win them all! :)  Next to the calendar are all our Christmas books! 

11) A sweet village from my grandmother that is so beautiful but I was worried the entire season that some boy of mine would throw a ball and break one of them.  Luckily we made it through without an accident #boymom

12) And finally, Paul's adorable note to Santa.  He wanted to put this in the mailbox with a stamp to ensure its delivery to the North Pole.  LOVE.

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration? 


  1. Love! Christmas decorations are the best!

  2. Will Howie get his very own blog? ��


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