Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a wonderful day!  Started by a 5:45 am yoga class to get my zen space going and then headed home to make a fruit salad and get the boys dressed!  We headed over to my in-laws for brunch!  The food was great and the boys did pretty well waiting to open presents.  I think Paul only asked 243 times if it was time yet! :)  I kept my phone in my purse to enjoy the moment, but did snap a few pictures when the boys opened their trampoline!  A huge hit as you can imagine and Charlie can certainly scare you to death because he will just jump in your arms with NO warning at all.  And then laugh.  Super. 

After present opening, the boys decorated cookies with their Nana so Santa would be happy and well nourished (he was).  

We came home for naps but a certain 4 year old didn't take one.  Excitement is a powerful thing.  We got ourselves dressed up (boys in matching outfits) and were ready for dinner.  For the past two years just my sweet family of four have gone out to a "fancy" dinner and then drive around for the best Christmas lights.  It is so fun and special to all of us! 

No nap time means someone was PISSED at the idea of a group photo.  But look at those sweaters! If I had twins (which I am never going to have) I don't know if I could help myself to dress them alike all the time.  

A little better except Charlie isn't looking

My little love 

The boys did really well at the restaurant (I made the reservation at 5:15 as to not ruin any one's life) and received many compliments on their outfits.  

These dudes make my whole life happier

We drove around and then came home to sprinkle Reindeer Dust on the lawn so Rudolph could find our house.  

Then Paul was convinced the reindeer would be thirsty as they arrived, so we poured some water in a bowl and added a few carrots for good measure. 

Christmas is so exciting with a 4 year old!

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