Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day

After we put the kids to bed, Ryan and I poured some wine and watched our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation.  Ryan says he wished he could watch it for the first time again because it is so funny!  

We anticipated Paul would wake up EARLY because he was so excited, but we were actually up before him!  We did hear him open his door (oh yes he's been sleeping in his own room) and run down the stairs- we had to yell for him to come back in our room.  I guess he didn't really care what we thought about the whole morning, he just wanted to see what SANTA brought!! 

We laid in bed for a little bit and then told Paul he could wake up Charlie.  Charlie was NOT amused.

Finally, Paul felt he better just crawl in Charlie's bed so he understood the urgency of the situation.  

I tried to get one picture of the boys on the stairs together, but that was just kind of a stupid plan! :) 

Finally they ran into the family room and opened their first present together! 

Then it was just a lot of present opening! 

We hung around for awhile and played with all our new toys and then got dressed and ready for my parent's house.  This little gem was waiting for us on the porch! 
He can't quite reach the pedals, but it is super cool and all the boys on our street have one, so I am sure they will be pleased that a 4 year old will join them on the neighborhood adventures! 
Charlie loved it too!

Some big gift highlights were the whoopee cushions my children received and LOVED.

Always lots of presents at Grandma and G's house! 

Ryan was lucky enough to receive this LIFE SIZE cutout of Payton Manning.  Yes everyone, this is in my house.  Ryan of course was thrilled.

We ate some brunch and then headed outside to try and release the extra excitement

We headed home and put the kids down for a nap.  We surveyed the scene and this is what my living room looked like: 

We had big plans to go to a movie when the kids woke up, but they slept forever and I think everyone was exhausted.  It even started to snow Christmas night so we stayed put and played with all our new toys! 

It was a wonderful Christmas, with a perfect mixture of old traditions and new traditions!  But I have to say, I am SO HAPPY not to move that ridiculous elf every single night for another year!! 

The day after Christmas looked like this.  They literally had a hangover.  

What was your favorite Christmas gift?

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