Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This and That

I've read a few interesting articles this week: 

Apologies to the Parents I Judged Four Years Ago - 
This is so good and SO TRUE!

5 tough-love principles for making friends with other moms  -
This is hard too - especially #3

Are You as Busy as you Think You Are?- 
I am nervous to keep my own time log! You?

I had myself a manicure last week and chose Essie Pretty Edgy.  I saw it flipping through an In Style, and thought I would try to be hip and cool.  I think it looks a little Wicked Witch from the West.  Thoughts?

I feel like I've been looking for a denim shirt for a year and I finally found one at my trusty Forever 21.  Not really denim, but for 15.80 who can complain?

A month before little man turns 2, we turned his car seat around.  His whole life changed with this new perspective and our car rides are so much more entertaining now that he can see every bus and truck that drives by. 

The weather has been so nice so we have been able to spend lots of time outside.  It is much easier to have a toddler outside then cramped up in the house.  I hope this weather lasts!

 What have you been up to?


  1. My babies are 12 and 14 now but I can still remember how happy all of us were when the car seat was turned around!

  2. I liked all those articles.
    - I'm sure that I am going to eat so many words once I am a mom.
    - If I saw you at the park I would totally try to momfriend you.
    - Great, now I need a time log.

    I have the same forever 21 shirt. duh.

    I want you to drive me around in a car seat all day like baby Paul. Look at how curious he looks!

    love, mo

  3. Love love love the green nails! I have that on my plan for this week, too! :)


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