Monday, March 11, 2013

3 Months Old.

They say the days are long but years are short.  I am on the couch, with one boy being silent watching Little Einsteins, the other in his new outfit from Old Navy, sleeping sounding on his boppy.  My coffee is hot and my heart is in disbelief that my brand new baby is already three month old.  Three months to me marks the transition when they move from newborn who lays around all the time, to a baby that wants to do stuff.  He still loves to cuddle with me, but I can already tell my days are numbered.

We are spoiled with Charlie's disposition.  He is so sweet and hardly ever fusses and he is such a nice eater and sleeper.  I think he will be allowed to stay.

He has really found his hands, and every picture we take is blurry because he keeps waving his limbs around.  He also love to put his fists in his mouth.  If you are wondering if a baby can actually fit his entire hand in his mouth, rest assured that the answer is yes.  A side note here.  All these pictures on today's post are from my iPhone.  It is embarrassing and yet the truth that I have not taken ONE picture of Charlie on my good camera.  Not one.  This is 2nd child syndrome I suppose and I am sure I will be paying Charlie's therapist bill because of it.  

He still has a ton of hair and eyes are still blue.  I can't remember when Pauls' changed.

His thighs are really chunky.  The wrist rolls are still there.

He loves to laugh and talk and has started to blow bubbles and make raspberry sounds.  He watches his big brother around the room.  Paul has been requesting to hold Charlie more and more but he usually starts this request by trying to pick Charlie up from the floor by himself.  It is as frightening as it sounds.

Anything sweeter that a baby sleeping on your chest?

He doesn't love tummy time, but will tolerate it.  When he is on his tummy he tries to scoot forward rather than try to roll over.  He gets some momentum with these movements, so I think he will roll over on accident more than anything.

He loves to be swaddled at night, and I can't believe it can be comfortable since he is essentially sleeping in a TIGHT straight jacket, but I don't care since he is sleeping through the night.

Napping on Mommy's bed

I am back at work and although the pumping continues to be depressing in the book room, we are doing pretty well overall.  Charlie seems to like all the places he has to go while I teach, although my favorite days are when I am home and we can bum around in the morning instead of sprinting to get out the door. 

Charlie is a perfect addition to our family.  We couldn't feel more lucky that we get to wake up to his huge smiles in the morning.  Whenever he whines, Paul RUNS over to him muttering, "I'm coming Charlie, I'm coming."  Paul gives Charlie such good cuddles that it makes me nervous that he is going to suffocate him, but I know that those snuggles will soon turn to wrestling moves that I'll never understand, so I am appreciating this moment.

We love you so much Charlie.  Thank you for being part of us.

PS- who is ready for the Bachelor finale??????


  1. What a gift that Charlie is! We all love him so much!

  2. Such a cutie pie! And you are right, there is nothing greater than a sleeping baby on your chest. Wish I could make time stand still come days...

  3. i love those chunky thighs!! what a sweet baby!!


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