Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Funny Paul Story

I picked up the boys at my mom's house on Monday and as she was helping me get everyone in the car, this conversation occurred:

GRANDMA: Bye Paul.  See you Sunday for your birthday.
PAUL: Don't forget the presents!
GRANDMA: What do you want for your birthday?
PAUL: I want the monster truck thing that knocks people down.
GRANDMA: I don't know what that is?
ME: And you will be happy with anything anyone gives you.
PAUL:  Yes, Grandma.  I'll be happy when you bring me the monster truck toy.

Oh my.


  1. and yes, my finger was clicking away on Amazon:)
    he is a complete toot!
    I keep telling him he is part of the Vaughn Toot Family... he doesn't get it but thinks it's hysterical anyway..

  2. This is hilarious! #boyswillbeboys

  3. So cute! He obviously needs a monster truck to knock people down with.


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