Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Thank you to Friday for making an appearance.  To celebrate, here are my favorite Friday finds!

I made these baked tacos for dinner this week.  Just like a regular taco but then you put the whole shell with meat and cheese right in the oven.  YUM.  Here is the recipe.

Do you love Instagram?  Then you totally need these Chatbooks!  A little book with all your Instagram pictures with the HASHTAGS!  They are so cute and perfect!  Get the app!

Love this military jacket from Nordstroms (duh.  Where else?)  Fall get here soon!  Oh wait it might be here today.  It is 50 degrees.  But it will be 80 on Saturday.  Weather is weird.

And a little promotion for myself! Want to try Rodan and Fields skincare?  If you sign up as a preferred customer this month you will be entered to win a FREE eye cream.  That is a 60 dollar value my friends.  This stuff is so amazing!  There is a 60 day, empty bottle return policy so really there is no risk in trying.  Whatever your skin issue is, I have the answer! #changingskin

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 

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