Tuesday, November 25, 2014

34 Things About Me

To celebrate my 34th (gasp) birthday, here are 34 fun facts about me!! 

1) I drink coffee black like an 80 year old woman

2) I rather be on a beach then in snow

3) I plan my outfits on Sunday for the week

4) I wear my watch on my right wrist even though I am right handed

5) I wish I wore glasses because I think they look cool

6) I love paying bills

7) Putting books on hold at the library is one of my favorite past times

8) I love to organize things

9) I almost never wear heels anymore and that makes me sad

10) I don't really like marinara sauce or olives but I'll try anything

11) I love taking naps on the couch even for 20 minutes

12) Ryan stole my heart with Bud Light

13) I love going out to eat and somewhere fancy.  Even better when someone orders for me.

14) Chips and salsa are my JAM

15) I hate wire hangers

16) I LOVE my boys in sweater vests.  I have to take advantage before they have a serious opinion

17) Christmas is my favorite holiday

18) When I am home with my kids, showering and getting dressed seems like a huge task

19) I think I am 25 years old

20) I love being tan but feel guilty about it

21) I love being a mom

22) I would do college again in a heartbeat.  But my kids couldn't come with

23) I took piano lessons until I was a sophomore in college, mostly because the teacher was so sweet and gave my candy at every lesson.

24) I love the indulgence of getting a Starbucks and shopping around or doing errands

25) I love beer and wine depending on my mood but I don't really love mixed drinks.  But I'll drink them because I am that accommodating.

26) I have been doing yoga for 8 years and still can't do the splits.  Maybe in another 8.

27) I love any sort of paper products- stationary, journals, planners, etc

28) I am more of a morning person than night owl

29) Once I start something it is hard for me not to finish: books, TV series, movies, home improvement 
30) I love buying a new mascara 

31) If I won the lottery I would hire a chef and a driver.  

32) When we are older, Ryan and I already have plans to implement a 2:00 happy hour everyday,  Then we will go to bed around 6. 

33) Another fantasy I have when I get older is to live in a house with all my girlfriends.  Golden Girl style. 

34) I love candles burning around my house.  But my 4 year old thinks it is fun/hilarious/amusing to blow them out as soon as I light them.  I literally have to sneak the lighting of candles.  

There you have it!  I am excited to enjoy a sushi dinner with my sweet boys tonight with a side of swim lessons for Paul #keepitreal 

And I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I am grateful to slow down with my dudes and feel the gratitude I have for each one of them.  See you Monday! 

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  1. OMG, I loved this so much I had to read it twice! Happy Birthday!!!


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