Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best Parts of Winter Break

I love breaks from work SO MUCH.  It is incredible to lay low.  To calm down.  To not be rushed out of the door and to let the kids sleep.  Seriously, Charlie has been so sad all this week because we have had to wake him up at 6:30 when he was sleeping in until 8:30.  I am sure Friday when I am off he will be up and ready to go at an unreasonable time. That is just how that works! 

In no particular order, here is my list of the best parts of Winter Break: 

1) Took a train ride with Santa.  We had no idea what to expect and next year I need to dress warmer, not take one car with 8 people (car sickness is real) and bring more snacks.  But Santa sat and chatted with us for a long time, gave the kids bells and they were excited.  We did this the day before Christmas Eve which only added to the excitement! 

2) Watched Home Alone.  I had this great idea in my head about how fun this movie would be but I forgot it is a little scary and the language isn't great (shut up, moron, jerk).  Oops.  But Charlie loved it! 

3) After brunch at my parent's house on Christmas morning, the kids took really long naps and then we were playing in the basement.  Charlie went upstairs and when I went to go look for him I found he had opened the garage door, pointing to Ryan's car chanting "G.  G.  G." (my dad).  I guess he wanted us to drive him right on over there.  

4) Our sweet friends had us over the day after Christmas and made us brunch and bloody marys and we had a great time recapping all our holidays!  I got cute Delilah this chef outfit for Christmas and she made us lots of snacks! 

5) I go a little crazy after Christmas when all this new stuff is in your house and the tree is taking up so much space and I just feel like the walls are closing in on me.  I took down Christmas fast and bought a new rug!  It brightens up the place and with a few new pillows on the couch I am feeling much better.  I have mental problems! 

6) We met our friends at the museum a snowy morning.  There was a cool lego exhibit and they loved playing in the kiddo area.  We had lunch and it was a great way to spend the morning and get out of the house! 

7) We went to go see Big Hero 6.  We brought 2 cars just in case Charlie couldn't handle sitting still for 2 hours.  However, we learned if we give Charlie a box of junior mints, he can do just about anything!  When we left I noticed he had streaks of chocolate down his neck and in his ear.  But he had a good time!  

8) I caught up reading ALL my magazines! I had a huge stack.  And I made myself sit on the couch and read through each one.  It was amazing. 

9) I listened to the podcast Serial.  I know I am late to this party but it is amazing!  I just finished it today.  LOVE.  If you haven't jumped on this train you need to.  TODAY.

10) Saw 2 movies- Horrible Bosses and Wild.  Way different but both entertaining! 

11) Sleeping in!  Everyone slept in!  In fact I think I woke up before everyone everyday.  It was amazing to have some quiet time in the morning and amazing to let the sweet boys wake up when they wanted! 

11) Our fun friends The Kearneys were in town and came over for lunch one day.  They have 3 boys.  And brought their nephew.  So there were 6 boys.  SIX.  It was loud and crazy and I loved it.  It was funny that the adults just continued to talk over the constant noise.  I think we are all used to it!

12) But my favorite part of break was just laying on the couch with my boys and watching them play.  It was amazing to hang out and have nothing pressing on the calendar! 

Oh Winter Break, I already miss you!! 

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  1. I hate that about movies I used to love....did you know that even Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Christmas have some "bad" words? "Stupid" being one of them. Loser, too, I think. Not awful, but when you have a mimic for a 3 and 5 year old, you have to be super careful.


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