Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Tuesday Day Off.

Yesterday I was off with both boys.  I worked out before Ryan left and then got the boys breakfast and every other mandatory need.  When things calmed down, I hopped in the shower.  I took my time and even had time to put on mascara.  I was thinking that it was really quiet and I should really check on the boys making sure they were still in the house.  But that "checking" is always a mistake because they spot you and only one eye has mascara on and you will go your entire day without realizing it.  Anyway,  I snuck down the stairs to see they were still alive but the playroom destroyed.  I just turned around and didn't worry about it.  At least they didn't harm themselves.  

After mascara was applied to both eyes, we took a little field trip to the University of Denver to visit mom's old college campus and G of course.  G took us on a little tour and bought the boys cookies and brownies.  Paul was really interested in the gold tower but confused that it was part of the same school.  He thought every building must represent a different university.  4 year old logic.  

Then the boys convinced G to chase them in the grass outside the frat houses.  I am sure those frat boys were amused as it was 10:30 and Paul's screeching probably woke them up.  Side note here.  I am old.  When I think about myself I don't think I am that old.  I think college was just a few years ago.  That is not true.  I saw these little babes walking across campus.  We are not in the same age range.  We couldn't even check the same box in an age survey.  This was very humbling for me.  But I bet I could still kick some ass in flip cup.  

G showed us the hockey rink, basketball court, swimming pool and we watched some people work out.  It was very exciting day.  

G bought the boys new DU tee-shirts and the woman at the bookstore called Charlie a girl.  Is it the hair?  How do I get that kind of long surfer look without him looking like a girl?  Do I have to put product in there?  I am not above it.  

We ended the day with a little drive by my old house I lived in with 3 other girls.  A lot of stories went down here that Paul will never be ready to hear.  

It was a really fun day and I had to wake up Paul from his nap because he was so tired.  Win, win.  

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  1. Oh DU!!! The quad! That house on Franklin street!


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