Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Musical Fashion

Alright, lets talk Grammy fashion my friends.  Now I realize the Grammy's can be a little more casual or unusual, but I still have some opinions (shocker).  Here we go:

1. Katie Perry.  Not everyone can pull off purple hair.  Like me for example.  But she can.  I think her dress is cute and she looks amazing.  

2. Miranda Lambert.  I'm not 100% in love with her hair, but I think her dress is flattering and she is looking great!! 

3. Beyonce.  Can Beyonce do wrong? 

4. Gwen.  There was a lot of commentary over the fact that Gwen was without her trademark red lips, but I liked the change and her jumpsuit.  #idieforonepieces 

1. Rihanna.  A lot of people liked this dress but lets talk logistics.  Where did she sit?  Was she assigned two seats?  One for her and one for the dress?  Her face looks really pretty and fresh but that dress is A LOT.  A lot of volume.  Seriously people, how did she sit down?

2.  Iggy.  I am not even sure about Iggy's dress because I am distracted by the huge braid around her forehead.  

3.  Madonna.  How old is Madonna again?  I don't want to talk any shit about my material girl, but hello.  Dress your age.  Yes you have an amazing body.  Yes we all know it, but you look straight up ridiculous in this get-up. 

4.  Let me tell you a story.  Have I already told this one?  When my mom and I went wedding dress shopping for my wedding, there was another girl shopping without her mother.  Instead she was with her friends.  This is a catastrophic mistake.  This girl would come out of the dressing room in a particular dress and her friends would tell her how amazing she looked.  Of course this sounds nice, but for something as important as a wedding dress you need some cold hard truth.  This is the dress in  pictures for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  You cannot be told what you want to hear. You have to hear the truth.  Anyway, that is what I feel like happened to Katharine Mcphee's hair. Some girlfriend told her that this slicked down homely look was really fetch.  Sorry to be mama bear Katharine, but it is not your best look.  

1. Taylor.  I love me some T.Swift and I am sure this is edgy and everything, but I can't convince myself I totally like it.  

What were your favorites?

Oh, I have one more favorite.  Annie Freaking Lennox.  She is the real deal and ROCKED it Sunday night.  I love her.  

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