Monday, February 9, 2015

The Weekend

If I could describe the weekend in one word, it would be SUNSHINE.  I had some serious Sunday blues last night because it felt like summer.  And in the summer I do not have to go to work on Monday.  AND it is only February.  I am going to need a snowstorm so I can feel okay about going to work.  Anyway... I was off Friday, so Charlie and I took a little walk to the grocery store to get some necessities and then went to the park!! 

We had my parents over for dinner Friday night to celebrate their birthdays.  When Paul asked how old they were turning I said 63.  That was pretty confusing for him because he has somehow convinced himself that my dad is 100.  Sorry dad.  

Saturday morning was more outside time- swinging, baseball, snacks and fun! 

Saturday evening ended with a movie night.  They were sitting so close- Charlie was trying to watch the movie and Paul was trying to tell him all about it.  

The boys and I woke up early Sunday morning and walked to get donuts.  We went to a different park and then drew some pictures outside.  

It is just so much easier to have kids when it is nice outside.  There are no jackets, hats, mittens to deal with.  They can run around and take long naps.  You can walk everywhere.  I love it.  

Sunday night ended with a full lap story time! 
Where's Paul????

How was your weekend?

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  1. He thought g was 100?!???? Lol lol lol
    Ahh they look so cute watching that movie together!


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