Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Treats!

Friday Reads: 
In the theme of breastfeeding, I love this post about deciding to quit pumping.  Obviously breastfeeding is an emotional topic for everyone!

And everyone read this post and applaud Janet's dedication to breastfeed her twins.  I think it is difficult feeding one, I can't imagine tandem feeding two!  This post is so inspirational!

Friday Eats: 
I made this recipe for dinner this week and it was a big hit with everyone.  Or a big hit for Ryan and I since Paul has boycotted eating.

Friday Picture: 

My mom sent this to me when she was watching the boys while we were at work.  For some reason looking at this single picture solidified the fact that I have TWO children.  Crazy business.  This picture was taken right before Paul informed my mom he wanted to toot in her face.

Friday Shopping: 
I sent this shirt to Maureen with instruction to buy immediately.

Friday Video: 
My favorite big boy that loves reading! 


  1. Paul narrating his book to himself...i DIE!

    and also I LOVE that he wants to toot in your moms face. lol

    -auntie momo

  2. E - thank you for the super nice shout out! I think this gig is hard no matter how many babies. :)

    Also, thank you for the cute pic of the boys, the cute story about Paul, and for the link to the post about quitting pumping. I'm bookmarking that because I think I'll need to read it in a month or two and just let myself quit already...


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