Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Charlie 4 Months!

Before I give you an update on Charlie, I have a blog comment question.  I had my comments on free for all, but all of a sudden I had a TON of span comments, informing me how to have sex and make my penis larger.  Super.  So I turned on comment moderation, that I had to approve the comments before they were published.  But how do I respond back to people?  Before the comments would come to my email, and then I could email back and say "thank you" or answer a question or give a hilarious reply (obviously).  I know I can turn on that thing where you type in a word and numbers before you make a comment.  But I HATE that feature when I try to comment on other blogs because it takes forever, and I never get it right and I have to do it over and over.  Bums me out! :) Does anyone know what to do?

On to a different note, my little tiny baby is not so little anymore.  He is 4 months old and as much as I love this age because he is much more interactive and can do some cool things, he is growing up way too fast and I demand he stop. 

He is still the sweetest baby in the world.  He loves to snuggle and take naps while I hold him.  This usually works out okay, because I am much more likely to indulge this request than I was with Paul.  I am aware now that one day he will be too busy to want to cuddle with me, so I let him lay across my body and sleep even though the only thing I can do while he is in that position is lay on the couch.  The sacrifices I make.

His crazy hair is falling out a bit and he now sports a bald spot in the back.  It is not pretty.  But I can usually comb some other wisps over and try to cover it up.  Why is baby hair so weird and why does it fall out?  These are some big mysteries.  His eyes are staying blue and some people say that his hair has a tinge of red.  I guess we will see.

He can roll over from tummy to back and is pretty close to back to tummy.  He can do it if I can get him on his side.  However, he likes to be in the action and watch everything, so he never wants to turn away.  I can't really blame him since we are a very entertaining family.

He is now mostly on formula.  I nurse him once in the morning but for the rest of the day is on formula.  I have mixed feeling about this, but mostly I feel at peace.  He is doing fine with it all of course.  I think I am mostly sad because I am not going to do this again.  And it feels like a huge chapter is closing in our lives.  I know there are plenty of other things in our future to look forward to, but I still feel a little nostalgic for those early days when all he wanted to do was breastfeed.  Even if I was exhausted and not getting any sleep.  The grass is always greener I guess. 

He is still swaddled (when do I stop this?) and his sleep is okay.  He got sick with his first ear infection (so sad) and it really messed up our sleep schedule because I let him sleep in the big bed and snuggle up with me so I could watch him breathe (sad but true).  But last night he woke up once and only needed a pacifier.  I didn't even have to lift him out of his crib, so I think we are back on the right track.  It is amazing how much nicer I am when I get to sleep a bit.

The kid LOVES to stand.  The exersaucer is a big hit because it lets him check out the world and I can still cook dinner.  A win win.  

He also found his toes, which I think is one of the cutest stages ever.  He looks just like a yogi baby.  He can sit up for a second with his hands on the ground and me behind him making sure he doesn't topple over. 

 I feel like Charlie's favorite thing to do is smile.  His big gummy mouth melts my heart. 

We all love Charlie so much and although two boys is going to keep us so busy, we are so grateful for this family!

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  1. Charlie is so stinking cute! Love that little dude.

    I wonder if I should bust out an exersaucer for my kiddos? I feel like I am stunting their growth because I don't even realize they are ready for these kinds of things.

    I am very close to switching over to formula. Please tell me I should just go it already and my life will be better?!?


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