Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ordinary Day

Last week we started to potty train Paul (more on this later).  I was literally sitting on the bathroom floor for what seemed like hours, begging him to use the toilet.  My frustration level was quite high as I silently cursed every parent I know for not sharing how difficult this milestone can be. 

Some days with Paul are hard.  Like really hard.  Hard where I even contemplated going back to work full time because he was being so difficult.  But then I ran across this video.  And I cried.  Before I know it, Paul won't want to be my side  And he will start to want to hang out with his friends and have me drop him off two blocks before the mall so I don't embarrass him.  And he'll start to like girls and all of a sudden I won't be the only nice lady in his life.  And I will literally start to miss sitting on the bathroom floor negotiating M&M's for pee. 

It's just the ordinary days.  The simple moments.  The ones that don't get recorded on Instagram or blogged about.  The ones we almost forget to reflect on, as there are so many and so fleeting.  When my days get hard, I hope I stop to think that these challenges won't last forever.  I hope I remember the smell of Paul's sweet head mixed with my shampoo and sweat because he won't stop running around the house.  I hope I remember when he says he wants to snuggle, he really means he wants to lay directly on top of me.  And I hope I remember when he puts his hands on my face and says, "I really like you Mommy."  Even in the most challenging times, these ordinary moments add up to a pretty fantastic life.


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