Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What the Boys Wear

I am in a really good spot where I am still able to dress my children.  My people tell me that this won't last forever.  That soon my kids will have an actual opinion of what they want to wear to school.  And it probably won't be what I would want.  WHAT?  My people tell me all of a sudden they won't want to wear jeans.  And they will wear athletic shorts even when it is negative sixteen degrees outside.  And all their shirts will have characters from a dumb show on them.

That day will be super sad for me.  Because I love dressing my kids in a good outfit.  I don't have girls so the "cuteness" factor is limited, but I work with what I can.  And from the following pictures, you can see I work with a collar.  I like a collar, a button down, or if we are getting really fancy I like a sweater vest.
And I can already tell you I will cry actual tears the day my boys say no to one of my great outfit requests.  And until then I will pop those collars and hope for the best.

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  1. I'm also gonna be really sad when I can no longer dress my children. Or when they only wear licensed character shirts. Until then my toddler boy uniform is either a button down + shorts or a striped tee and shorts/jeans.


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